Box factory & Paper industry for all purposes

The box factory & paper industry FARO BOX operates in the packaging sector of cardboard boxes for garment, footwear, leather goods, CD/DVD, foodstuff. It offers personalized products, according to its customerrs′ needs


More than thirty years′ presence on the Italian and international market witnesses a story made of best care in personalized service and best quickness in delivery. This is the principle at the basis of Farobox, a planet of services thought to exalt the quality of your production.

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 Farobox  is the ideal solution for both small and large packings, made of tense cardboard and microondulated cardboard, boxes for footwear, shirts, leather goods and for confectionery and wine industry. Wrapping cartons of every kind and size.

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Services 360°

Box factory& paper industry for all purposes. Always up-to-date and in constant evolution. Boxes for man and lady shoes of all sizes, boxes for shirts, leather goods, confectionery and wine industry. All purpose services. We can meet our customers′ requirements, from small to medium and big supplies.

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